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Breathe life into

If you breathe life into something, you give people involved more energy and enthusiasm again. ('Breathe new life' is also used.)
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Little Brother

It’s about growing up in the near future where things have kept going on the way they’ve been going, and it’s about hacking as a habit of mind, but mostly it’s about growing up and changing and looking at the world and asking what you can do about that. The teenage voice is pitch-perfect.
Marcus Yallow decides to ditch school with his friends to play an alternate reality game called “Harajuku Fun Madness”. After dodging RFID security, gait recognition systems, and school hall monitors they close in on the ARG’s latest clue. That very moment two Al Queda bombs detonate and destroy the nearby East Bay bridge. Over 4,000 people are killed. In the confusion immediately following the explosion, Marcus and his friends are taken into custody by the Department of Homeland Security. What follows is a horror story of privacy and human rights violations, political paranoia, and espionage.

Автор: Cory Doctorow
Формат: PDF

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Размер: 1,3 Мб.

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