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Like a headless chicken

If someone rushes about like a headless chicken, they move very fast all over the place, usually without thinking.
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An English Teacher's Handbook of Educational Terms

Книга «An English Teacher's Handbook of Educational Terms» является справочным пособием для преподавателей по педагогической терминологии в английском языке. Данный материал поможет начинающим и уже опытным преподавателям сформировать у себя профессиональную лексику и научиться четко разграничивать материалы различных курсов. «An English Teacher's Handbook of Educational Terms» - это незаменимый учебник, который должен находиться в библиотеке каждого уважающего себя преподавателя, который стремится к профессиональному развитию и повышению эффективности своих занятий.
Gruber's Complete GRE Guide 2014

For more than 30 years, the Gruber Method has helped millions of students raise their standardized test scores on major tests like the SAT, ACT, and the PSAT/NMSQT. Now Dr. Gruber brings his critical analysis and innovative test preparation strategies to the GRE, the #1 test for graduate school admission. After a recent major overhaul of the GRE test, you need the most up-to-date information from a trusted source. Gruber's Complete GRE Guide combines powerful study tools with 4 adaptive practice tests to help you prepare for the real thing. With the explanation to a question, you can answer that one question. With the Gruber strategies, you can answer thousands of questions! These strategies show you how to think about problems instead of trying to solve each one individually, and they can be used consistently on every GRE test.
Master the GRE 2014

The most comprehensive resource for students who want to earn top scores on the new GRE revised General Test. This comprehensive guide offers 4 full-length practice tests with expert test-prep tips on exam questions PLUS access to 3 additional practice tests online. 7 full-length GRE practice tests including access to 3 online tests. In-depth review of the GRE's format and structure, including detailed information on the new test design. Extensive review of all subject areas: uantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Thorough explanations of the new on-screen calculator and answer formats. Analysis of new score scale and score reporting. Detailed answer explanations for every question.