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Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

This phrase is used to say that if you come close to success without succeeding, it is not good enough
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LANGMaster Collins Cobuild Student's Dictionary

Словарь Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary разработан на базе авторитетнейшего печатного аналога компании Dr. Lang (Чехия) и HarperCollins Publishers (Великобритания). Это толковый словарь, содержащий весь словарный запас современного английского языка.

Особенности продукта:
283 000 озвученных слов, около 50 часов речи, записанной дикторами – носителями языка
40 000 определений
30 000 примеров
Возможность записи произношения и сравнения его с дикторским
Поиск по слову, грамматической форме или фразе
Функция добавления «закладок» и комментариев
Система быстрого заучивания слов RE-WISE

Отличие рассматриваемого продукта от других электронных словарей заключается в том, что наряду с электронной версией словаря Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary (издания William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1990 г. и Harper Collins Publishers Ltd. 1994 г.) в нем реализована оригинальная методика запоминания слов RE-WISE, имеющая длинную предысторию. В 1960 г. группа пражских психологов и математиков впервые опубликовала результаты исследований общих механизмов процессов запоминания. Но завершить работу удалось только в 90-е годы в рамках проекта LANGMaster, когда была реализована компьютерная методика, заключающаяся в том, что путем изменения объема изучаемого материала и частоты его повторений для каждого пользователя подбиралась такая оптимальная ежедневная нагрузка, при которой он мог запоминать максимально возможное число слов. Причем контролирует результаты своих ежедневных упражнений сам обучаемый, оценивая по шестибалльной шкале, насколько хорошо справился с заданием. Разработчики методики рекомендуют заниматься с RE-WISE постоянно, так как даже недельный перерыв значительно снижает эффективность метода, а более длительный делает ее использование просто бессмысленным.

Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary - The only completely recorded multimedia monolingual English dictionary. You can listen to selected text read by native English speakers. It helps you practice your pronunciation. All the headwords including examples of usage, inflected and derived forms are recorded by professional speakers.

Highlited Features - Dictionary:
283,000 recorded words
50 hours of speech
40,000 definitions, 30,000 examples
Grammar notes, examples, inflected and derived forms, explanations, phrases, phrasal verbs
All entries spoken by native English speakers
Search by entry, grammatical form or phrase
RE-WISE method

The RE-WISE learning method is based on the creation of a database of vocabulary and idioms that the student compiles during the course of his or her studies - he or she jots down unknown words found in the dictionary and phrases or idioms, which must be remembered precisely. Any study course that the student is currently using can serve as the source of idioms and vocabulary.

Students who want to turn to data prepared by experts can reach for the RE-WISE lessons supplied as a part of educational titles and which are specifically created for use with this method. Naturally, lesson content is closely connected to the given course with which these lessons are coupled.

The RE-WISE technology's main function is to continually monitor student success in reviewing individual facts. Using an original algorithm from the LANGMaster development workshop, we compare the user's input with the facts being tested. Specific facts are either left on the list for further review over the coming days or when knowledge of them has been verified, they are deleted from the list. The user has several opportunities to adjust this evaluation and fine-tune his or her own methodology.

This method is based on the important fact that simple repetition of the same information in short intervals is not an effective learning tool. This is why the system optimizes the presentation of items at longer intervals, which ensures more effective learning. What is even more interesting is that learning becomes more effective when the number of facts studied is increased , where the progressive combination of items at various intervals once again leads to a deeper mastery of the subject.

Another fundamental step has been the expansion of current functionality into the latest version of LANGMaster RE-WISE Anywhere technology. This enables online access to the database of facts for review through various types of devices. Items can be added and hierarchically classified not only via the classic education application, but also through an Internet browser. In this way, the student can practice these facts not only using a personal computer, but can also do so with a mobile phone or a pocket computer.

The only difference in how the individual media is treated is whether or not the user can comfortably enter his or her answers. The Internet browser and the full application environment makes it possible to enter facts, this makes self study much more effective compared to simple passive memorization of facts. In contrast, it is not necessary input answers on mobile phones, which enables more comfortable control of the entire application. In addition to this, LANGMaster RE-WISE Anywhere technology maintains coherence between individual access points so that students can easily continue their work where they last left off, using other equipment. The whole learning process thus becomes independent of time and place.

William Collins Sons&Co Ltd.
HarerCollins Publishers Ltd.
Год выпуска: 2005
Версия: 4.0
Платформа: Windows 98/ME/2000/XР;
Системные требования:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XР;
Pentium 100 МГц;
32 Мб оперативной памяти;
звуковая карта;
4х CD-ROM;
клавиатура; мышь.

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Размер: 479 Мб.

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